Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan :: Incident at Betty Ford (animation)

In the recreation of the events are seen several things that were not spoken to the media. Observe the following animated parody of what happened the day that Lindsay attacked the employee Betty Ford.

Something made me think that it was not long in order to start making jokes about the situation Lindsay Lohan and Dawn Holland staged on 12 December and that day has arrived.

The digital animation company Far East has been commissioned to reproduce the argument, adding, of course, quite hilarious passages. If you do not see the part where Lindsay trying has escape from the clinic where she is serving his rehabilitation process Great fun.

What is not fun attitude is true of the actress from "Mean Girls." This aggression could run time of six months imprisonment, and no longer leave the clinic early January as planned. Anyway, enjoy the video.

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alex rodriguez joslyn morse

alex rodriguez joslyn morse